One Container, Two Container, Three Container…Poor

Things are ramping up in the Return to the Caribbean program. Closets are being sorted, things are being sold (no, I really cannot find a use for either a fireplace screen or the corresponding tools in the tropics), and I am negotiating with the international moving company to try and find a middle ground between my desire to avoid selling plasma to fund this move and their goal to buy a new Bentley with their profit from said move.

Yep, everything we own will fit into this. Again.

Things are both exciting and nerve-wracking. More of one than the other, depending on the day.

Which brings me to my observation this morning. It is infinitely easier to move overseas if you are not burdened with “things.” Which is probably why most people do their wandering from country to country when they are 22 and own not much more than a backpack and laptop computer.

Unfortunately, when you are 40-something you tend to have accumulated a few necessities that you want (or need) to take with you each time you move. I happen to like my sofa, it is really comfortable. Likewise, our artwork has been collected over decades. It is part of us and each piece tells a story, so it comes along. Same with my iMac. Aging eyes truly appreciate the 27″ high-res screen, and life without it (especially the work aspect) seems incomprehensible to me.

A friend recently commented that our “stuff” was getting pretty expensive by now, with two international moves. And, yeah, it is. More than it’s worth, probably. But I can’t imagine starting over from zero at this point in my life. So we take the hit and get on with things.

It is what it is. All part of the adventure. After all, it is only money. We can always make more.

And besides, local beer is cheap in the Caribbean. We’ll be fine.


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