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Born on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, the Island Girl brand started as one woman’s blog. A space created to keep friends and family back home assured she was still alive on a tiny rock in the tropics. This was obviously way, way, way before the days of Instagram and TikTok.

That simple blog idea evolved into a platform for women to get the inspiration and encouragement they need to make a change and start living a more authentic life. Something that makes them want to jump out of bed each morning and seize the day.

Whether it’s a witty meme, a humorous blog post, or a private conversation with Island Girl’s founder, we hope you find the inspiration here to embark on a journey you’ll never regret.


xo, Island Girl Liz 


In 2011, Island Girl Liz left Seattle, trading high heels for flip-flops and her briefcase for a backpack. She bought a one-way ticket to the tropics and never looked back – well at least not for awhile.

She briefly lived in the UK and a tiny island off the coast of France, but definitely prefers her islands to be between the 30s in latitude – a/k/a the Caribbean.

Today she’s a relaxed Island Girl who spends her free time kiteboarding and scuba diving. You’ll also find her in the Cascade mountains now and then, where she’s definitely wearing a few extra layers.

When she’s not playing in the ocean or climbing peaks, she is behind her computer writing witty (she hopes) blog posts about the realities behind the seemingly idyllic island life.

She’s also a kick-ass writer who loves technology, travel, and lifestyle topics. She has interviewed (semi) famous business founders, entrepreneuers, and CEOs, plus a bunch of other interesting people throughout her career.

You can reach Liz at hello@theadventuresofislandgirl.com.