Welcome to the judgment-free zone!

A place where you can take a break from expectations and imagine the life you truly want to live. Where you’ll find inspiration to make a change…and a badass chick cheering you on to your best life yet.

But I’m not a life coach. Far from it. I’m just one woman who, on the other side of 40, said to hell with being afraid and followed her heart. Straight to the Caribbean.

No plan. No expectations. No joke. Just a suitcase full of bikinis, a dream of a different life and a willingness to kick fear to the curb.

And once I got here, I found life in the tropics pretty damn funny. I also figured there were other women out there like me. Dissatisfied with their current situation and longing for a big change. Yet, maybe too afraid to go through with it.

So I thought I’d write about the humor of my new life on the sunny Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. Maybe even bare my soul once in awhile, too. Which, by the way is nearly as uncomfortable as wearing a bikini in public. But an Island Girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. (Rum helps.)

Because if what I write helps you get to the best version of you…then it’s all worth it. Making you laugh along the way is just icing on the (very fattening but oh-so-irresistible) coconut cake.

So come on in. Take a look around. And discover how simple it really is to live a life you love.

Island Girl Liz

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