Take a chance. Make a change. Live a life you love.

Welcome to the world of Island Girl. A place where you can take a break from expectations and imagine the life you truly want to live. Where you’ll find inspiration to make the changes you’ve been dreaming about. 

Where you’ll also get a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an island transplant. As observed by one mildly sarcastic woman who, on the other side of 40, said to hell with being afraid and followed her heart – straight to the Caribbean.

No strategy. No expectations. No back-up plan. Just a suitcase full of bikinis, a dream of a different life, and a willingness to kick fear to the curb.

Come on in, have some laughs, be inspired. Find out how fulfilling it can be to live a life you love. 

Island Girl Liz

Where To First?