They happen at the most unexpected times. And in the most unexpected ways.

Which is the beauty of living in paradise. It doesn’t always feel like it, of course. Paradise, that is. There’s still work. Bills to pay. Obstacles to overcome. So it is easy to get lost in the drudgery of daily existence. Even on a rock in the tropics.

But when you make time to pursue your passion, the rewards come naturally.

To wit. A blissful early morning kite session. Just one friend along for the ride, because life is more fun when enjoyed with someone you like. (And of course, having a kite launcher is helpful…sorry, Inge, next time I launch you first.) Add flat, sparkling water. Sprinkle in some flying fish, a turtle or two, endless sunshine and billowing clouds. How could a day that starts like that not be perfect?

This is how the perfect day begins. For me anyway.

But the perfection doesn’t come from being first on the water. It comes from realizing you are exactly where you should be. In the place that brings you peace. Where you can pursue your passion in between deadlines and obligations and challenges.

Then when you’re driving home from the beach, with tanned skin, salty hair and great tunes blasting, and a plane you didn’t see coming roars 10 feet overhead and captures you in its shadow, you can feel the perfection. Literally.

Magical moments…they happen at the most unexpected times. And for that I am grateful.




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  1. I too love the magic of the unexpected! Whenever I’m on Bonaire, only as a tourist at this time, I discover something so unexpected that it’s sometimes difficult to put into words. That’s where you excell! Thanks for sharing your adventures with your land locked friends. Jody

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