Right…so as you’re reading this, I am likely bobbing around somewhere on a boat in the Caribbean Sea. Not for pleasure, mind you, although as work goes things could be worse.

So instead of writing something witty this week, I’m taking you on a little journey. You don’t even need to pack your bags. Yes, I am THAT thoughtful.

Come along as we explore (via guest blogs I’ve written for other spaces on the interwebs):

  1. Life in the Caribbean
  2. Guernsey – a strange little rock off the coast of France
  3. London, China & Bonaire

Ready. Set. Let’s go!



Something I recently crafted for one of my favorite island-themed websites – Women Who Live On Rocks – this is a fun little story about the unexpected horror of Caribbean bugs. Includes flying cockroaches. Read at your own risk.



An informative piece I wrote for a series on the website Expat Partner Survival, about living in small places. While I view my time as a “trailing spouse” as an experiment gone horribly awry, I will give Guernsey credit for offering me some epic hair days. Something, tragically, the Caribbean cannot offer.


Join me as we venture around the world via my contribution to the Chatting Compass series on Scale It Simple, a lifestyle website. Learn about my favorite things in places as diverse as London, China & Bonaire. No passports required!


Fingers crossed, I will be back next week. A little saltier, a lot more tan. And surely with new stories to tell about life on a rock. xo

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