It’s official. Island Girl turns 10 today!

One decade of island life under my belt. Where does the time go?

Life is still amusingly absurd here on my little rock in the sun. The same ridiculous things happen that make you shake your head and remind yourself where you are. Even if I’m not blogging about it anymore.

Cheers to a decade of wearing the Island Girl crown. Also, if you’ve been following along, you can see my grey hair transition is complete (has been for a long while now). Best decision ever. I highly recommend embracing your natural hair color!

Although I’m not writing new, hilarious (in my mind anyway) summaries of what life on a Caribbean island is like for a transplant from the U.S., I couldn’t let this milestone pass by without at least acknowledging it.

After all, I’ve survived ten years of:

But, of course, it isn’t all bad. If it were, nobody would last here more than six months. I’ve also enjoyed ten years of:

Loads of people come and go on a tropical island. Many only stay a few years. But some end up staying longer, whether planned or not. I am definitively in the “not” category. Honestly, I never imagined I’d still be here 10 years later, but here I am.

Girls’ trip to Curaçao – Jan. 2020.

I’ve lived here 3x longer than I lived in Seattle. Aside from Wisconsin, where I grew up, this is the longest I’ve been in any one place. As Island Boy said this morning over coffee…”You’re finally putting down roots.”

I laughed, but I guess he’s right. One husband, two dogs, one cat, and a house and garden I love suggest this is true.

Cheers to settling down, and living a life I love.

Island Girl Liz

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