Usually, this is the spot where you’d find my latest blog post, filled with witty observations and wry commentary on the absurdity of island life. And on more introspective days, my musings on the ups and downs of making big life changes. Or both if I’m feeling especially creative.

This week, however, I’m doing something different. (Full disclosure: I did just spend a nice, long weekend in Miami which may have cut into my writing time. But I was hanging out with some fabulous women bloggers I love, and they inspired me to get a LOT more creative!) With that in mind…

I’m super stoked to announce something new in the Adventures of Island Girl universe! My very first (and hopefully not last) Q&A series – Ask An Island Girl.

I know the idea of changing your life can be scary. It is also usually filled with questions. Lots and lots of questions. From the mundane (How can I get my favorite ______ on the island?) to the biggies (How do I handle my friends’ reactions when I tell them ___________?). Whether you’re changing jobs, relationship status or your zip code, you probably have questions. I did.

And unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of people (okay, anyone) to ask. Of course, even if I did, I am really introverted and probably wouldn’t have opened up face-to-face anyway. And I suspect there are a lot of people out there like me. Dissatisfied, longing for change, but scared as shit to make a move. And perhaps even more nervous about broaching the subject with friends or family.

Yet, even though I crave privacy, I would have loved to have a resource where I could ask about the things on my mind and seek some clarity. Which led me to the realization that the best person to ask would have been someone who had “been there, done that” so to speak.

And then I got to thinking. Since I love sharing my experiences with others (hello, blog!) and being helpful to people on a more personalized level, wouldn’t it be nice to combine the two? Which is where my blogger friends in Miami got involved. Over mimosas and great conversation, the idea of Ask An Island Girl was born. I finalized the concept during my extended stay at the Miami airport, just trying to get home to my own rock. Damn south Florida summer thunderstorms. I think we can all agree that airport bars are truly a gift from the universe.

So fire away, my lovelies. Ask those burning questions you have about anything related to making a change. Or island life. Or whatever you want to ask. Full disclosure (again)… I’m not a therapist. Or a life coach. Or a professional advice giver. At all. What I am is an island girl who’s happy to help and be there for you in whatever way you need, whether that’s hair salon recommendations or just a virtual friend to reach out to for support.

If your question is one that I think other readers also have on their minds, I might ask you if I can feature your question (anonymously, of course!) somewhere in the AOIG world. I’m not sure what format that would take. Maybe some short video blogs with me answering the questions. But I’m nervous in front of the camera, so maybe not. 😉 I might also stick with written blog posts to answer questions. That part is still being worked out. Either way, your questions will always stay anonymous and never be used without your permission.

And asking is easy! Just send a message to hello@theadventuresofislandgirl.com or a private message on the AOIG Facebook page. I promise to respond to every question submitted (well, except the pervy ones…those I plan to ignore, so don’t bother). And there are no strings attached, either. I’m not selling anything. I promise not to spam your inbox with stuff you didn’t ask for. I don’t have an Amazon affiliate program or secret advertising waiting to spring on you. No blog monetization here. It’s just not my jam.

I hope to hear from you.

Island Girl Liz


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