Find Your Tribe

Being happy is just that simple.

Find the people that energize you, enrich your life and make you feel good about yourself. Align with those who share your core values, your interests. Find those who bring out the best in you, make you laugh, make you think.

You’ll know when you find them. They’ll be the ones you look forward to seeing, to sharing a bottle of prosecco with while watching a sunset with your toes in the sand, to confiding your hopes, dreams and fears with.

The search is always worth it.

You’ll also know when you are trying to accept a tribe that’s not meant for you. Life goes out of balance, feels off. You join in, out of habit, out of laziness, out of circumstance, whatever. But you’re never really “there.”

It may take some trial and error – and more than few uncomfortable social interactions – but the search for your tribe is worth it. So don’t be afraid to leave behind the wrong tribe to keep looking for the right one. Your tribe might be big or small, but whatever size it is, it is right for you.

Will finding your tribe always be easy? Probably not. There will be some lonely days, some false starts, some “I wish I wasn’t here” occasions. That part can’t be avoided. It is, unfortunately, part of the process.

But hang in there, darlin’, the search will be worth it.

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