Ok…not a literal abyss. More the figurative kind. A virtual deep, gaping chasm that bloggers (and their pet projects) disappear into when things – like life – get in the way of, well, blogging.

The dark recesses of the interweb are littered with the bones of abandoned blogs, actually. Which is pretty much where AOIG has been hovering, in a state of suspended animation, for the past many months.

Where blogs go to die…

But good news, island lovers! Island Girl embarked on an arduous journey to resuscitate herself – the blog, not the actual Island Girl…AOIG the person is fine, albeit quite a bit paler since last time you saw her. And by epic journey, I really mean finding the admin username and password for this site.

Ta-daaaaa! Success. And here we are.

So where were we last time we chatted? Oh yes…I was wistfully pondering the concept of saudade. You know, when you are in one place but your heart and soul crave something/someplace/someone else. And you venture forth, convinced you can absolutely have it all. Oh my. The arrogance.

Since that time, I’ve been mostly away from island life, searching for something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Not a quest quite as bold – or long – as those taken by others in history (e.g. Odysseus), but an expedition nonetheless. Because, to be honest, I didn’t believe I could find this unidentified ‘missing thing’ while confined within the rocky coastline of my little rock in the southern Caribbean.

So, off I went. Trading beaches for mountains, bikinis for North Face fleece, kitesurfing for backpacking. At the start of the journey, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, and believed I had found it. Hell, I was audacious enough to blog about it! But, as life often goes, the longer I followed that path, the less sure I became that it was the holy grail I had been looking for. WTF?

Oh the places I went searching…

And perhaps eventually I’ll share details of the journey I’ve been on since I last blogged. Write more about some important lessons I learned. Maybe. It seems likely. Eventually.

But not today, dear readers. Today I’m here to simply say hi, and cheerfully let you know that Island Girl is back. Figuratively at the moment. IRL very soon. Very, very soon.

And she’s ready to jump wholeheartedly back into all the absurdity, frustrations and comedy that island life delivers. Pure comedy gold for a writer. Pure comedy gold. Stay tuned.

Island Girl Liz

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