An Ode to Airco

A little poem I wrote to honor the most wonderful invention in the history of civilization. Ever.


If you live on a rock all the year,
There soon comes a time you will know.
The tourists are gone and the wind dies away,
And the boob sweat soon starts to flow.


But this is real life, there are bills to be paid.
So you carry on as Island Girls do.
Messy buns, shiny skin, a “can do” attitude,
And, of course, a cold cocktail or two.


But there is one fine thing, if you’re lucky enough,
That keeps you from losing your mind.
Not sunsets or great sex or fast internet,
But the salvation you’re hoping to find.


Find some airco, my friend & your life is transformed,
Not a droplet of sweat to be had.
In your car! In your home! Just keep it on!
Your electric bill won’t be that bad.


But it’s a trade you will make, being broke for sweat free,
The alternative? Too much to bear.
So go right ahead and relish the chill,
Until cooler weather finally gets there.


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