Steady tradewinds. Butter flat, warm, clear water. What’s not to love about Bonaire kiteboarding? The epic conditions are what convinced me to move to this rock in the first place. No regrets.

 If you’re planning to visit Bonaire for a fun kiteboarding escape, here’s the skinny on how to do it. And after a great session, if you’re looking for other fun things to do on the island, why not explore the hiking, scuba diving and standup paddleboarding options all found here?

Where To Go

The only approved shore access for kiteboarding on Bonaire is at Atlantis Kite Beach, which you’ll find on the far southwest shore of the island.

This sandy beach offers a launching and landing area, two kite schools, boat rescues (a necessity with the offshore winds) and easy walk-in access to the sea. Take a minute to orient yourself & get to know local customs when you arrive.

Island rules dictate that riding in the light blue water is only permitted at Atlantis Kite Beach and no place else. Most unfortunate, we know. 😞

So if you’re not a fan of getting a fine or having your gear confiscated by STINAPA (the entity that enforces these rules), stay out of the light blue everywhere else. Nothing ruins a kite trip faster than losing your gear or paying a hefty fine. No bueno.

You’ll also need a marine park nature tag before you hit the water. Get one at either kite school.

I’ve watched Kite Beach evolve over the past eight years, and today my recommendation for learning or gear rental is Kiteboarding Bonaire.

This school offers professional, experienced IKO instructors, the latest safety equipment for teaching (including helmets with two-way radio communications), the largest fleet of rescue boats and the friendliest vibes.

KB offers everything from beginner kite lessons to advanced trick sessions with their pro riders/instructors. The owners also teach.

They also have a sweet selection of rental gear, so you don’t even have to haul your quiver down. Twin tip boards, performance kites, even foil boards…they’ve got everything, along with the essentials you need like rashguards, sunscreen and cold drinks for between sessions.

Visit their website to schedule your lessons and follow them on Facebook.





Where To Stay

The type of preferred lodging varies greatly among kiteboarders. Some want just the essentials, while others desire a little pampering. On Bonaire you can always find a place that suits your needs. Here are two of my favorites. You’ll need transpo to kite beach, wherever you stay.

Windhoek Resort

Without a doubt, this is a kiter’s dream destination. A huge swimming pool, giant shady palapa and modern guest apartments (1 and 2 bedroom available) all add a touch of luxe to your kiteboarding holiday. The owners are avid kiteboarders, too, so there’s usually great kite conversations around the poolside bar.

Casa Calexico

If you are looking for a comfortable room that won’t break the bank, check out this fun guesthouse, also owned by kiters. Within walking distance of all the downtown restaurants and bars plus the ocean, this is a kiter favorite for those wanting a more basic lodging experience. Kitchens in each unit and a big magnesium swimming pool are nice touches.

Where To Eat

Nothing works up an appetite like a great day of riding. When hunger strikes, there are a few close-by dining options. Unfortunately, there is no food available for purchase at Atlantis Kite Beach…you can thank Cargill for that unpopular rule. Boo, Cargill. Total good vibe killers. 

King Kong

The closest food truck to Atlantis Kite Beach, head back towards town and at Bachelor’s Beach find tasty burgers, gourmet hot dogs and fries made fresh while you wait. Cash only. 

Kite City

Just a little bit closer to town, you’ll find this popular food truck across from the airport. They are famous for serving super-fresh fish in a variety of ways. Great burgers, too. Cash only.

Jibe City

Make your way around the south of the island and find this popular beach bar at the windsurfing bay. Cold drinks, beers, cocktails, sandwiches, salads & burgers. Cash/credit cards.

Recommendations are all my own. I receive no compensation from any businesses listed. These are simply my best suggestions, based on eight years of being a kiter on Bonaire. Get in touch if you have any questions about riding or staying here.