so what did we learn?

Ah…a weekend full of absolutely no physical rest whatsoever. Just a lot of jumping and falling and attempted kitesurfing tricks. And a birthday party on the beach that went late into the night (and involved way too much rum) to wrap it all up.

So what have I learned?

~ That the older you get, there is a direct relationship between the amount you push yourself when participating in any sports activity and the amount of ibuprofin you will need the next day. If I keep this up, I am seriously thinking about investing in pharmaceutical stocks.

~ That when somebody approaches you carrying a large bottle of rum and a cup, you should just say no. And mean it. No matter how persuasive the rum-bearer is. Because if you don’t, you will need even more ibuprofin the next morning. I adhered to this principal last night, Island Boy did not. Guess which one of us needed supplemental pain relief this morning…

~ That life is as fun as you make it, and you shouldn’t let fear of what *might* happen keep you from trying new things. I suppose some people may think it strange that I, of all people, might not do something because I’m afraid of consequences (LOL), but I do sometimes. Particularly when it might involve physical injury. So my reminder to myself now is to just go for it. Take more calculated risks, rather than just saying no off the bat.

And that’s a good thing to have learned.

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