random thoughts

It is Saturday. There is no wind. It is hot. Really hot. Like the kind of hot that makes your eyebrows sweat. The kind of hot that finds me attempting to move as little as possible in a not-so-successful try at staying as cool as possible. And I’m working or else I’d be diving.

Instead, I’m camped out in the shade at the dive shop in the spot where what little breeze is blowing will find me. And the Christmas music is playing. And I’m thinking random thoughts, like…

The aftermath of another fantastic meal, courtesy of Island Boy.

~ I love Christmas music, but seriously…whoever thought “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” was a song that should ever be played outside the decade of the 50s? 

~ I am the luckiest girl in the world for many reasons. But one big one is that I have a boyfriend who can cook. And I mean really cook. And he surprises me with things that no one has ever made for me before. Like steamed mussels in a delicious cream sauce. So even if I’m going to expire from the heat, I’ll be well-fed.

~ That the karma gods must be smiling down at me this week. So far I’ve reunited a lost mask with it’s owner – a year after I found the mask on the rugged East Coast – and this morning I helped some guests extricate their SUV from some random mud hole on a remote area of the island. Well, I actually didn’t do any of the extrication…I called Island Boy and he towed them out. See how awesome he is?

~ I want to bake Christmas cookies soon, and I’m mentally preparing a list of all the things I will have to buy to make this happen. And I’m also mentally kicking myself for being so short-sighted when I walked away from all my previous worldly belongings. Ok…it’s not like I was going to ship a pink Kitchen-Aid mixer down here, but would it have killed me to send a baking sheet and measuring cups? Or cookie cutters? Admittedly, sometimes I am a bit rash. 

~ I am uncertain if Island Boy and I will ever find a gardener to clean up the garden. Honestly, how hard can it be to find someone willing to pull weeds and move stones? Apparently for us, really hard. And I don’t get stressed about much these days, but this is one thing that is starting to wear on me. So please Karma Gods, deliver me a gardener asap, ok? I’ll consider it an even trade for my aforementioned acts of kindness. Kthx.

~ Island Dog needs to be brushed. And disciplined. She was fairly cranky to her friend, Artie, this morning. Artie is this big, friendly, black dog that lives next door. He is chill. Island Dog is not. But yesterday, they hung out peacefully, giving me hope that my pooch could play nice with other canines. This morning, Island Dog was not an ambassador of dive shop goodwill. At all. She growled AND snapped at Artie. Bad dog. And she has been chasing too many lizards today, too. Tomorrow she stays home. Apparently, three days in a row of going to work with me is beyond her absolute limit of good behavior.

And those are my random thoughts. So far. It is the slow time of the year here on the island…the few weeks before Christmas, when most people are holed up at home making holiday preparations and not thinking about dive vacations…and so it goes.

I think I’ll go clean up the shop now. And get some more ice water. And think about lunch. Oh wait…a breeze just came through. Think I’ll just stay put and enjoy it.


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