I’m back…(again)!

After a lengthy hiatus, I decided I wanted to start blogging again. Something about not being able to share the absurd things that happen to me on a near daily basis (that is, after all, what life on a tiny island is like…one absurd thing after another), was really getting to me. After about the tenth time that I thought to myself “I really wish I was still blogging…” I decided that maybe I should just do it. So here we are. The blog resuscitated…cute animated pictures and all. 🙂

I’ve missed you. I miss the comments, messages and emails. I suck at keeping in touch on a one-to-one basis. Just ask my family. (Hey…nobody’s perfect.) But still…despite my inability to keep in touch, sometimes life on this little rock can get lonely and isolating. And it is nice to know that people are thinking of me from far away. And especially nice to hear from people. So…yeah…I’m back in the blogosphere. And I’m glad I’m back, too.

So let’s see…what’s been happening…

A lot and nothing at all, if that makes any sense. I’m still living the dream (although sometimes I’m not sure whose dream it is, exactly). Still working in the dive industry, hanging out at the beach on my days off and trying to figure out life in a foreign land. Most amazing…I finally learned how to kiteboard! It only took about a million lessons and a week-long kitesurfing holiday in Venezuela (no, I was not robbed, assaulted or beaten in Venezuela…it was perfectly safe for La Americana to go there…just use common sense and travel with a bunch of Venezuelans…LOL) to get it all dialed in, but I’m finally there. No more boat rescues!!! Now I’m just enjoying the ride (literally) and starting to jump a little, too. Of course, just as I started to progress, the wind died. So now I’m waiting for the wind to come back, and in the meantime doing a lot of diving for fun.

Island Son paid me a visit and got certified to dive. It was totally cool to take him out for his first open water dive after he got certified. He is a great diver already – very chill in the water. Nice. I’m a very proud mom. 🙂

Island Dog is still chasing lizards and figuring out how to survive in the tropical heat. She is the unofficial dive shop dog at our newest location, so she gets to go to work with me every day. Very. Nice. Perk.

Other than that, it’s the same old, same old. Made a quick trip back to the States recently. Did a little shopping, soaked in all that used to be familiar to me…shopping malls, Starbucks, fast food…then hopped back on the plane and came home. Yes…I really do consider this little rock to be my home now. Even though life here can be tough sometimes, in the end it still feels like the place where I should be. Where I feel most content. And I think I was really lucky to find that place for myself…not everyone does in their lifetime. So I count my blessings and when things get tough, I remind myself how absolutely lucky I am…good health and a place to call home that I truly love.

Life is good.

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