Baby flamingos on kite beach.
Baby flamingos on kite beach.

Last evening as I was driving home from the beach, the sun was setting over a very calm sea and I noticed on the shoreline the following:

(apply 12 days of Christmas melody now…)

Three snowy egrets,

Two flamingos,

And a pelican standing on the shore.

And earlier in the day, during a kite session, I was marveling at the fact that it was December 11th and I was kiteboarding in board shorts and a bikini, while most of my friends back home were contemplating snow shovels and parkas. But here, the water is warm. Just like the air. Approximately 28 degrees Celcius (82 degrees for my US-based friends), in fact.

And in between kite sessions, I successfully worked on my tan.

And that’s how it is most of the time here. Warm and sunny and not at all like life in the States. And it’s good. And while sometimes things can seem monotonous or claustrophobic because this island is, after all, really small (just like the incomes…) and working here can be just as big of a drag as working anywhere else, in the end it is all good. Because despite the hardships (real or imagined), you can do things like turn an otherwise boring drive home into a beautiful, scenic experience complete with exotic birds and spectacular sunsets.

Not bad.

And today, I get to do it all over again.

Okay…that sounds a tiny bit like bragging, huh?

Sorry. 🙂


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