Hello 2017

So it is the last day of the year. The clock is ticking down towards midnight and a new year.

I’m not big on resolutions. But as I was doing my traditional end-of-year office cleanup, I noticed my empty whiteboard. So I scrawled down some ideas of how I want my 2017 to look.


It’s good to have goals.

Now that bigger things (like relocating to a differentΒ country) have been checked off my To-Do list, I can focus on other stuff. Like writing more magazine articles. Spending more time on the water. Getting a truck that isn’t in the shop every other week. And, maybe, if I’m lucky, seeing my family a little more often.

Even if I don’t accomplish all of these goals, seeing them staring me in the face every day has to have some sort of positive effect, right? Keep me on track. Help me make positive decisions about how I’m spending my time, resources and energy on a micro-level. Remind me of what I deemed important before the year started.

That’s the plan anyway.

Life is fluid, though, so we’ll see what happens.




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