holiday under the sun

Disclaimer: This blog post is about me wishing I could take a vacation. For those of you who believe (incorrectly, if I may say so) that my entire life is a vacation these days, please discontinue reading now so as to avoid any further irritation with me…thank you, IG. 🙂

*Sigh*…I have not been living the dream lately. Not even close. Christmas away from my family made me really lonely, yet another move (what…is this my 12th place in 15 months now? ffs) made me stressed, and a lot of thorny issues weighing on my mind are making me tired.

And I finally realized that a job is a job, even if you have a dream job. I mean, having to wake up to an alarm clock and go to work sucks all the same when you’d rather be kitesurfing (or unpacking, or sleeping, or whatever…) No matter what you do for a living.

So it goes.

Then I heard this great song. And it sums up what I’d like to be doing right now.

I need a holiday under the sun,
Drink some rum,
Until my brain goes numb,
Sit on the beach all day,
And be a bum,
I need a holiday under the sun.

But unfortunately, it’s the busy season and a single day off is rare, let alone a full-blown vacation. So I’ll just have to keep listening to this beach vibe song and pretend I’m doing something holiday-like. And maybe I’ll pick up another bottle of rum while I’m at it. 😉


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